In this exclusive trip, your stuffed animal will go on a private tour around Oahu, Hawaii. It includes the visit of the Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head Monument, Historic Pearl Harbor, and many other popular places. Your toy will be staying at a 4 star resort and also experience what the life is like in the paradise. It is suitable for the toys who prefer luxury, want to relax by the beach and yet be a little active. This exclusive trip includes a candle-lit massage on the beach, snorkeling, sunset dinner cruise, and a helicopter tour around the island.


7 days (private trip begins upon arrival).

Trip Includes:

Lodging for your stuffed animal at a 4 star resort in Waikiki

One way Airfare (standard shipping with tracking)

High resolution photos and videos

Handwritten postcard

Local gifts

Additional Info:

Insurance of up-to $75 in case of any injuries/kidnapping of your stuffed animal

Contact us if your stuffed toy suffers from car-sickness and/or have any food alergies/or have any extreme sensitivity to the sun

Stuffed animals are handled carefully, never placed directly on the ground. They will be kept in the shade.

Customer is responsible for airfare (shipping) to the destination

Your stuffed animal will depart the destination (sent back to you) after the conclusion of the trip.

Stuffed toy cannot exceed 272 grams/0.60 pounds